Monday, January 18, 2010

National Media Scrambles with Maps of Haiti

As the geospatial community rushes into support rescue efforts with as much detail as possible, the national media has produced a variety of different maps to help tell the story.

Wall Street Journal - The WSJ has produced a series of three excellent, interactive maps:
  1. LATEST UPDATES: a thematic map of estimated damages by block and the locations of key places like the National Palace or the UN building as well as tent camps.
  2. BEFORE AND AFTER: a satellite image base with point locations of major structures where you can view photos of before and after shots.
  3. TECTONICS: A population map overlayed with a map of the Gonave microplate and the location of the earthquake with concentric zone showing quake intensity.
USA Today - Map of earthquakes with more than 1000 deaths; provides a bit of history of and the location of major crustal plates that gives the reader a lession in plate tectonics

New York Times - Map showing magnitude of the disaster and details on the impact to different areas. Not interactive.

CNN - Basic data only (provided by Google) showing photos of only a few of the major POIs damages.

The WSJ comes out the winner in my estimation for blanket coverage.