Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chinese Investments in Raw Materials Mapped by created a graduated symbol map (see thumbnail at right) of the investments that the Chinese have made in various raw material sectors such as energy, minerals, and transportation. The interactive map illustrates:
  1. the accelerated growth in the number of investments made over the past five years
  2. the size of each investment
  3. the industry sector
Tool tips appear as you hover the cursor over each symbol that shows:
  1. the investor
  2. the amount of the investment
  3. when the investment was made
  4. the industry sector
What is striking about the portrayal of the data is not the size so much as the rapidity with which the investments have been made over just the last two years. If you watch the animated sequence, you will see how many of the investments were accomplished just recently.

The feeding frenzy for raw materials is what is driving infrastructure growth throughout the Mainland.

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