Monday, September 29, 2008

Healthy Places to Retire? How about Connected Places to Nest?

The September 26th issue of US News and World Report published an article and map of the "Healthy Places to Retire." While I applaud their efforts I feel like they were trying to appease certain areas of the country...that is, wouldn't want to leave any part of the country out of the mix. But Portland, Maine? If I wanted to retire to a cold weather climate, then Boulder would probably be better though pricier choice, as the article suggested. Not in the "first cut" of the top ten but mentioned as one of the "faves" of the readers was my current hometown of Huntsville, Alabama. It's got good golfing, great hiking trails, close to the river (if you like boating, rowing, water skiing), inexpensive housing and truly many retirees thanks to the military.

But, for those who are looking for a little more, I'd ask..."What are the best 'connected' cities in which to retire?" I will make the bold assumption that people in my generation (those 50+) will probably not retire outright but will look for communities that have a good business climate as well in addition to fine recreational facilities. They will want good transportation and telecommunications connectivity. I think Huntsville, is actually a good choice, given that criteria, but also, Knoxville, Cincinnati, and USNews choice, Asheville, NC.

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