Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's Your Adversity Index? MSNBC Maps Metros Feeling Recession Most

MSNBC has created an "Adversity Index" map of 381 metro areas in the U. S. In conjunction with Moody's.com, the maps displays a thematic map of whether a state is either in "recession," "at risk," "recovery," or "expansion." By clicking on each state a table will be displayed showing the largest metros and the economic indicators for each such as "employment," "single family housing starts," "housing prices," and "industrial production." Hover the mouse over each state and it will show you the aggregate indicators for each.

The map also has a slider bar that will allow you to move along a time line from 1995 to present to thematically display the conditions at any particular time.

This is an extremely good representation of the data that is highly useful to any company looking at moving into or expanding existing operations in any given region.

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