Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Moonstruck by Maps of Lunar Landing Site

On this anniversary of Apollo 11, perhaps it's my expectations that the images of the lunar landing sites would have imagery good enough to see the actual lunar module but I did not find that the maps provided by Google and published online by CNN very exciting; informative, yes, but fairly mundane. The images had rather course resolution and when you zoomed into the landing sites, the image for Apollo 11, for example, changed to a map that was embedded over the actual site. I was looking to be moonstruck by the imagery my expectations might be clouded by the finer resolution we find from earth orbiting satellites. And the fact that the budgets for lunar exploration were drastically cut after the Apollo program have really not provided the means to do further lunar imaging. Some NASA budget have now only been modestly restored when President Bush said we were headed back to the moon.

Check out some of the other Apollo landing sites (like 16 & 14) which have better resolution and a better map of the travels by the astronauts. But also click on the CHARTS and ELEVATION options as Google registered some additional geology and terrain maps to the lunar surface.

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