Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geo-broadcasting: Geotagging Video News

Much of news is not static; it moves; it is captured in motion; along a highway; in flight...on a dark dusty highway. The move from geotagged photos to geotagged video was only a matter of time and Seero is a company that describes itself as "putting video on the map."

Wired Magazine's Keith Barry blogged about Seero and how it asks users to several things to enhance locative media:
  1. Track GPS position in real-time and archive a course for playback
  2. Geo-tag videos to showcase the destinations where they took place
  3. Experience location specific factoids and feeds with a video broadcast
These area all items that are missing from online news coverage today. I go back to my comments about the Russian-Georgian conflict. Some many videos were uploaded to YouTube but they had only point-based context. That's fine only to a point. What Seero allows the media to do is create more of a vector-based route map of news that occurs over distance and to offer a live feed that is geotagged. Though much of the coverage during the Iraqi war with embedded journalists was censored regarding the location of the journalists' movements, other such stories will not be so filtered. And that's where I see Seero and others providing tools to the media.

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giorgio79 said...

Check out ClipGlobe
for geotagged videos!