Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Geography Lession from 1980

In researching the previous post on the map of the former Russian Republics ("Cant Run from Geography"), I found an article, also in Time Magazine, from January 21, 1980, shortly after Russian invaded Afghanistan. President Carter, in an address to the nation, used a map to communicate the importance of the threat posed to this region. From the article, "as Carter talked about the strategic importance of the attack, a color-coded map of the embattled region flashed on the screen. It illustrated his warning that the Soviet jackboot was now firmly planted on 'a stepping stone to possible control over much of the world's oil supplies.'" The resemblance of this situation to the current events in Georgia is uncanny: Russian invades poor country to gain access to oil supplies and presents a geopolitical crisis for the U.S.

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