Sunday, November 2, 2008

New York Times Map Illustrates Shift From "TossUps" to "Leaning"

On this Sunday before the U.S. Presidential election, the New York Times is projecting shifts in a new electoral map by taking some states out of the "tossup" column and placing them in the "leaning" column, mostly for Senator Obama. States that had been tossups such as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Michigain, are now either leaning or solidly in the Obama camp. States that had been leaning toward McCain, such as Missouri, North Carolina and Florida are now in the "tossup" column. And states that were once solidly McCain, such as West Virginia and Louisiana, are now simply "leaning" toward the senator. The total electoral shift now puts 291 electoral votes into Obama's column thus giving him the election.

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