Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Geographic Search Engine for News

A South African company, Muti, has indexed news by geography based on Yahoo Search called News Map. It uses Google Maps as a reference so that the user points to the map and a sidebar displays the search results. The news is not located by any designated "pin map" but if the user zooms in to more localized areas the search is sufficiently indexed to display news by a finer resolution of geography. According to the company:
* Clicking on a country/region retrieves news about that country.
* Switch quickly (edited) to another continent by clicking on the continent links in the header.
* Zooming in one level will retrieve news at the state/provincial level.
* Currently state level news is available for US, Canada, UK(Home Nations) and Australia.
* Zooming in a second time will retrieve city news for large cities.
* Over 3000 large cities are in the database.
* Zooming out again will retrieve news at the respective level.
This should not be confused with the technology developed by MetaCarta which has its own search algorithms and indexes news only by that which is published by the news organization creating the content. It is also called NewsMap.

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