Monday, January 12, 2009

Journalism Prize Awarded to Journalist Where Interactive Mapping Used

I am going to repost here an email from my good friend in Denmark who sent me information about the Calving journalism award that was given to a project where an interactive map was a significant part of the story:

Cavling Prize for journalism with interactive map

Berlingske Tidende receive on Friday Cavling prize for "crimes". This makes the most prestigious prize in the Danish media world this year given to a project where an interactive map has played a pivotal role.

The card has been used to visualize cases from across the country in which the police did not respond to citizen inquiries. In some cases it has acted on human lives. Some examples are found for journalism research, but most cases come from readers who have been invited to submit information.

Along with classic investigative journalism with documented examples of police failure, the story has been questioned by the reforms made by the Danish police. Police top commander has been dismissed and politicians will review the whole reform again.

Committee behind Cavling Prize, among other things, in his reasoning:

"In addition to articles in the newspaper the network is actively used to gather and provide an overview of the extensive documentation in the form of articles, timelines, audio and video clips and interactive maps. This leaves both research methods such as mediation revealed new roads and set new standards of journalistic thoroughness. "

Massive congratulations from here.

You can see the past for the project here.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen

Jesper Ishoj, Journalist, Denmark

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