Thursday, October 2, 2008

New York Times Maps the "No" Votes on Bailout Plan

I have to admit I had to stair at the New York Times' map that they created to show how the votes were cast in the U.S. House's vote "against" the financial bailout plan on Monday September 29. The thematic map of congressional districts showed how the "no" votes were cast and which party cast them; blue for Democrats; red for Republications; and gray for the "yes" votes. It was the thematic map of the "yes" votes that did not differentiate by party that was somewhat confusing because I wasn't sure if there was any attempt to do so. Obviously, though, it was the "no" votes that caused the market to crater dramatically and it was important to show which congressmen and congresswomen cast their votes accordingly.

Was there any spatial pattern, any thread of commonality of the voting pattern? I couldn't find any. If you do, let me know what you see!

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Andy said...

What a complex map! It's confusing to have a binary map where 0 comes in two flavors.

I can't detect any patterns either. Just when you start to detect one, you run in to an exception.