Monday, July 21, 2008

CNN Electoral Map - July '08 - Only 9 States are "toss ups"

CNN is putting only 9 states in play as "toss up" for the general election of the U.S. president, assuming the those states leaning toward one candidate or another actually go for that candidate. Their election map as of today, does not really put the West in play, as some political pundits have suggested as only Nevada and Colorado are considered in the group of toss ups. The source of the maps is CNN's Political Unit and was first published on June 17th. CNN states that it will be updated regularly. Technology her is basic; nothing flasher and pretty thin in terms of the ability to drill fact there is no drill down; just a mouse rollover.

Here, at this stage, I'd like to see them "analyze" why one state is leaning one way or another...perhaps showing primary results would help the reader understand their analysis.

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