Tuesday, July 22, 2008

USA Today Electoral Vote Tracker - Test Your Skill in Picking the Next President

I've reviewed many of the online maps established for covering and anticipating the U.S. presidential general and primary election. CNN, Fox News, and the New York Times all have credible interactive maps. But, USA Today's Electoral Vote Tracker map is just plain fun! Not only does it have the election results by candidate by state for the elections back to 1960, and their vote counts (by state), but if you are ready to test your predictive skill, you can assign electoral votes for 2008 by party and by state as well!

Just click on the map and watch the electoral vote count change. They already have a few states picked for each party but just keep clicking on the state until it is correctly assigned to the party of your choice...and watch the electoral total votes change...when you reach 270...you win. Now it will only assign electoral votes to either the Democrats or Republicans...so, sorry, the Green or Libertarian parties are not represented. Kudos to the mapping folks at USA Today.

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