Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Headline: Which Bridge Street are you looking for? - Huntsville Times

In a front page story in my very own Huntsville Times, the headline glares with provocation! And in a subhead that further qualifies the situation we find that the newest and prettiest retail development in north Alabama is NOT plotted on Google Maps for directions.

First some context. The Bridge Street Town Centre (that's Center, y'all) opened during the Christmas season 2007 to much fanfare because it not only included some trendy restaurants and chic dress shops but was built with a Venetian-styled mote replete with gondolas! That's not something you see everyday in the deep South. So, certainly the real estate developer and the Chamber of Commerce would like to be sure that you find your way to this magnificently resplendent retail rendezvous.

But when someone tries to find one of the restaurants found within the Bridge Street Town Centre (BSTC) using Google Maps, you end up on Bridge Road. Alas, Bridge Road isn't anywhere near the BSTC and according to Google, BSTC has not yet been included in Google Maps. Pity. However, the article did go on to suggest that the business owners might want to head on over to Google's Local Business Center to update their address directly. Indeed.

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