Monday, July 21, 2008

Pickens Plan - Wind is a boon for Boone

You've seen or heard the ads by T. Boone Pickens, ex-oil man turned wind energy junkie and how to solve the energy crisis. It's interesting to see Boone back in the news. Back in the 80's while I was still working for an oil company, Boone was hard to miss and was certainly a folk hero of sorts, depending on which side of the mahogany table you sat. But he's now pushing wind power but his website falls short of his use of maps. The US National Wind Map on his website does not allow you to drill down to anything much less to see how your region would be able to harness wind power. To drill down to a better map, you might try Batelle's Wind Energy Resource Atlas where you can get state by state wind power potential (see image above). I was not impressed with the NOAA website. A search on wind power yielded little information.

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