Thursday, July 31, 2008

National Geographic's Map of the Day

You're a lover of maps, right? Then the only real source for the map-o-phile is the National Geographic. To get your fill of maps, check out the NG's Map of the Day (MOTD). Slight glitch however is that today's MOTD seems to have been repeated for the last 6 days! The 3D perspective view of K2, the second highest peak in the world, shows routes to the summit traced to camps typically used by climbers. However, this particular map has been the MOTD since July 25. Now, in my mind, that's just fine as it probably deserves a week of recognition. But I do have a complaint: this rendering doesn't have an inset map of its actual location. The text explains it as being on the border of Pakistan and China. Now, I've been near K2 but not close enough to see it. Mountains are just a bit high in that region of the world and as any map-maker will tell you, there's no true border that differentiates Pakistan/China/India. The accompanying maps shows you the approximate position of K2 as the "blue" pin. (My position relative to K2 when I was in the region in 1979 is the yellow pin)

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