Friday, July 25, 2008

Where Are those Nasty Jalapeños? Hyperlocal News Sites Miss Opportunity

Stories on the wire today (like this from are following the outbreak of salmonella associated with jalapeño peppers and how some stores are pulling them from their shelves...but only those grown in Mexico. If I were looking to buy jalapeños, but only those from the U.S., I'd like to know which local markets were selling which. A story at in Dallas yielded nothing nor did I see any articles on the EveryBlock, or Topix websites that would provide any local knowledge. Now here is a perfect example of how all of those social net "news" sites could help to publicize hyperlocal information and where the mainstream media ought to be plugging in, if those sites had "community sourced" information about the shops where there were both good or bad jalapeños. Perhaps I'm demanding more than what should be expected but, right now, the social net sites have either news provided by the mainstream media or sometimes useless blogging or Tweeting contributions. Opportunity missed.

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